“All sorts of benefits will come your way without stop, if you play your gender advantage well"

Chinese love guru Ayawawa has been suspended from Weibo for saying Chinese sex slaves had a “gender advantage” over men.

According to SCMP, controversial love-advice blogger Ayawawa has been banned from Weibo for her comments about Chinese sex slaves having a “gender advantage”.

Ayawawa AKA Yang Bingyang reportedly told participants in an offline “emotional training workshops” that Chinese sex slaves used by the Japanese army during the war had a “natural gender advantage” over men.


“Were the comfort women miserable?” Yang said. “Have you thought that the men were in fact worse-off than the women? They were shot dead but the women survived.”

Yang told participants that women need to know how to use their gender to gain advantages. “You see, women have a natural gender advantage even during war,” she said. “All sorts of benefits will come your way without stop, if you play your gender advantage well.”

She reportedly advised women to use their leverage of their looks and personalities to win the financial support and love from men. Women could only live comfortably in society by playing weak and obedient according to Yang.

The 35-year-old who had 3 million followers on Weibo received backlash on social media. Yang claimed she was ignorant about politics and military issues and said she would not update her Weibo account for a month.

Nonetheless, Weibo banned Yang for 6 months for causing “severe adverse effects on society”.

Instead of being disadvantaged by so-called gender inequality, women needed to leverage the “gender advantage” of their looks and personalities to win love and financial support from men, Yang had said.

Sociologist Li Yinhe was one of many who criticised Yang for preaching the wrong message to women. “She teaches women to earn men’s favour by using her body and pleasing men,” Li said. “Her ideas are like those of the most ignorant women 100 years ago and she doesn’t look a bit like a contemporary woman.”

China Women’s News said, “it is very hard to imagine there exists a course of trampling women to the dust when the state policy of gender equality is in place.” It added that, “Ayawawa’s theory is heresy and poisonous chicken soup.”