The California Assemblywoman is also under investigation for allegedly groping and sexually harassing former legislative staffers

#MeToo movement lawmaker and California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia is in hot water for making anti-Asian comments.

Politico reports that California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who was also a prominent face of the #MeToo movement, is being criticised for making anti-Asian remarks.

At a closed-door meeting of the Assembly Democratic Caucus, Garcia became angered by Asian-American activists who were lobbying to defeat a Democratic proposal to overturn a California affirmative action ban in college admissions. The lobbyists were concerned about the proposal affecting Asian student admission rates.

“This makes me feel like I want to punch the next Asian person I see in the face,” Garcia said.

Former California Assembly Speaker John Perez said he had to “strongly admonish” the California Assemblywoman, adding that he was “unaware” if she apologised. She also allegedly made homophobic comments about him.

Garcia is currently on leave after allegedly groping a former legislative staffer after a legislative softball game. She also allegedly harassed former staff member in her office, David John Kernick, forcing him to play “spin the bottle”.