"A big butt causes one to lose their balance"

A video of two French vloggers failing to do the ‘Asian squat’ has gone viral in Taiwan.

According to Taiwan News, two French vloggers recorded a video of them trying to do the ‘Asian squat’, which has since gone viral in Taiwan.

Posted on YouTube channel Xinshidandan (信誓蛋蛋, Pledge Egg Egg), the video shows people attempting do to the ‘Asian squat’ on the streets of the southern French city of Montpellier. The video is narrated in fluent Mandarin.

For those unaware, the ‘Asian squat’ is when a person descends from standing position to a squat without their hands touching the ground.

In the video, the French vloggers are seen offering candy to bystanders who can do the squat successfully. However, the majority of the 20+ volunteers fail and fall. One man succeeded, but the host explained that the volunteer was athletic and does kung fu.

Titled ‘为什么外国人不会亚洲蹲? (欧美人亚洲蹲挑战!)’ [Why are foreigners not Asian? (European and American Asian challenge!)] , the video was posted on 14 April 2018 and has since been viewed over 600,000 times on YouTube. Taiwan News reports the video earned 20,000 likes on Taiwanese news site ETtoday,

One comment in Traditional Chinese reads, “No wonder foreigners get such a headache when they see squat toilets.”

Another comment in Traditional Chinese read, “Not being able to do it is not a problem, because I can’t do it either. However, I think not being able to do it is because of a lack of exercising the thigh muscles or because of a big butt causing one to lose their balance.”