"We must remember and honor these inspirational individuals in this historic exhibit and beyond"

Bay Area Chinese American veterans were honoured at a historic exhibit.

Over the weekend, a historic photo exhibit was held to honour Bay Area Chinese American veterans who served the country’s military as well as the community.

“From the moment since there have been Chinese people in America, there have been Chinese American Heroes,” said Roger Dong, Founder of Chinese American Heroes and Historian of the American Legion Cathay Post 384.“From the first Chinese laborers who built the Transcontinental Railroad to the Chinese military heroes that we are featuring in this exhibit, Chinese Americans have served and protected America throughout history.”

“We must remember and honor these inspirational individuals in this historic exhibit and beyond.”

The event was held at the American Legion Cathay Post 384, where major contributions from local Chinese American heroes were showcased in one display.

Exhibits on the day included:

  • Dr. Rolland Lowe, a doctor, philanthropist, and a community leader who has fought for a variety
  • Captain Moon Chin, a pilot who flew over the Himalayas from 1937- 1945 and rescued then Lt Colonel
  • Jimmy Doolittle after his retaliatory bombing mission over Tokyo.
  • Colonel Richard Hum, who alerted President John F. Kennedy on the presence of Soviet nuclear missiles during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Judge Delbert Wong, a pilot who flew and survived 60 bombing missions in WWII over Nazi Germany, and became the first Chinese American judge in the U.S., advocating for causes in the Chinese community.
  • Maggie Gee, one of the most skilled pilots who served during World War II and a member of the Women Air Service Pilots.
  • Major General Garrett S. Yee, a military hero who has received multiple awards, including the Bronze Star, US Army, and who currently serves as the Director of Operations and Architecture in the Department of the Army, Office of the Army Chief Information Officer (CIO)/G-6.
  • Major Kurt Lee, a hero of the Korean War and recipient of the Navy Cross, an award for extraordinary heroism.
  • Senator Tammy Duckworth, the first woman combat veteran; first disabled woman; and the first member of Congress born in Thailand.

Chinese American Heroes also featured honorary exhibit of 15-year-old Peter Wang, who sacrificed his own life to save the lives of his peers and teachers during a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“It’s really important that we celebrate the contributions of Chinese Americans. We’ve always contributed and it’s time for people to know about it,” said Ada Lowe, an attendee at the event.

Nearly 75 community members attended the event.