"If it's all white, it's a different scene"

George Takei has offered his advice on combatting whitewashing in Hollywood.

In an interview with CGTN America promoting his latest play Allegiance, George Takei discussed how the media has progressed with diversity on screen

Takei said Hollywood has improved since he was a child saying there was “yellowface” before “whitewashing”.

“We’ve made tremendous progress and great advances,” Takei acknowledges. “Now we have Asian families as a subject of a TV series.”

However, there is still work to be done according to the Star Trek actor. “To really make the progress we should be making, it’s to educate filmmakers.”

For Takei, it is important to reflect the true reality of America. “Let’s look at the reality of America. If there is a hospital series or police series or school house series in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco or New York, look at the reality there. It reflects America and the American scene. If it’s all white, it’s a different scene.”

Takei added that the Asian community needs to “develop bankable stars” like the African American community.

“African Americans have made tremendous progress in that respect,” Takei said. “They now have a host of bankable stars. The most bankable is probably Denzel Washington. If he is attached to a scrip then it gets green lighted.”

“If you have that kind of power then you can make certain suggestions on a real significant level.”

Allegiance Click here to buy tickets.is currently on stage at the JACCC’s Aratani Theatre in LA until 21 April 2018.