"They feel that their government is failing them"

Asian-American transgender actor Ian Alexander has shared his thoughts about representation and gun control in the US.

Known for his role as Buck Vu in Netflix’s series The OA, Vietnamese American Ian Alexander is a 16-year-old transgender Asian American who has a bright future ahead of him.

To promote his new drama, Every Day, which is based on the best selling novel by David Levithan, Alexander was interviewed by LGBT website Out. In the new drama, 16-year-old Rhiannon who falls in love with Alexander’s character named ‘A’ whose body changes every 24 hours into someone new.

In the interview, Alexander was asked about the response he received about representation as an Asian American transgender actor on screen.

“In some instances, people have told them that I gave them the courage to come out as trans to their family or friends,” Alexander responded.

“That means a lot to me personally because if I had had someone like that to look up to when I was questioning my sexuality or gender, it would’ve made things a lot easier.”

When asked about his thoughts regarding gun control in the US, Alexander replied, “it’s really important that so many teens are speaking up for themselves and a lot of them are my age. It’s very impactful how much of a positive change they’re making.”

They’re determined to do something about it because they feel that their government is failing them and I really admire and look up to them,” he continued. “I aspire to be as strong and brave as they are.”

“It’s so unfortunate that this is the only nation where this regularly occurs and students in general have to live in constant fear. It’s very important that these teenagers are standing up for themselves.”