"What's going on here? This is not a dream?"

Australian K-pop star Kevin Kim has become the first Asian to be crowned Cosmopolitan and Tinder’s Bachelor of the Year.

SBS reports that the 29 year old singer was chosen out of 30 other men including reality television stars, actors, tradesmen, surfers, doctors, models and firefighters.

Home And Away star Orpheus Pledger, Knafeh Bakery owner Joey El-Issa, former The Bachelorette contestant Michael Turnbull and rugby sevens plater Tim Anstee were all in the running.

Kim, who was stunned in disbelief upon being crowned he Cosmopolitan + Tinder Bachelor of the Year in Sydney, marks the first Asian to have won the $5000 cash przie.

“You look incredibly surprised!” said one of the event’s hosts.

“I didn’t expect this at all,” Kim responded. “What’s going on here? This is not a dream?”

“I never thought I’d even be nominated let alone win,” he said in an interview with Cosmo. “I’m the first Asian to take home the title so that’s pretty cool. I feel proud to be representing and really humbled by all the support from people who voted.”

Kim described himself as “passionate, optimistic and outgoing” who looks for “a beautiful smile, humour and a positive outlook on life,” in a girl.

“Bachelor of the Year is all about celebrating men in Australia who have different careers, passions and life stories,” Cosmopolitan editor Keshnee Kemp said.

“It’s a tough job to narrow the nominees down to one, but our readers have voted and we are very excited to be revealing the country’s most eligible Bachelor.”