"We are all spiritual and sexual beings that contain God’s essence."

Moon Maison is an Instagram model dubbed as the “world’s sexiest life coach”. With a deep calling in spirituality and sexuality, the Korean model hopes to spread love and wisdom to her audience.

Born in Korea, Moon was adopted as a baby to a white American family in Maryland. Growing up in a community with a very small Asian population, Moon experienced a great deal of negative racial remarks from her friends and peers.

Moon has travelled to Seoul multiple times to see her birth family. She describes her relationship with both her American and her Korean family as being “not great”. Nonetheless, Moon would consider adopting herself as opposed to having a child naturally, but has yet to decide completely.

Currently, Moon is busy creating content for her website and Instagram page, which now has over 300,000 followers. She is also life coach to 5 select clients per month.

Catching up with her, Moon told us all about her spiritual journey and how she hopes to grow her platforms.

Moon delved into the world of spirituality back in 2014, even before her Instagram channel. Yoga was her entry into the spiritual world and she has not looked back since.

“I really got into it all during my 1st Yoga Teacher training in Jan 2014,” she says. “It wasn’t until then that I became a true believer. I really felt a shift in my awareness as well as a shift in my vibration.”

Moon told us that one of the biggest problems facing spirituality is the beliefs people have about it. When celebrities embrace spirituality, they can be perceived as crazy, but often it’s simply not true. “Who are we to judge what is true for them?” Moon questions.

“Spirituality is everything,” she adds. “It’s oneness. It’s cosmic energy. It’s living in full awareness, directing your life, controlling your mind and your programs, but letting go and being vulnerable at the same time in perfect harmony.”

“It’s listening to your heart and living in alignment with your soul. It’s love, light, and beauty.”

Moon not only has a passionate interest in the field but also possesses a profound and professional understanding of it. She has taken two 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Programs, Reiki One and Two Attunements, and is a certified Intuitive Healing Practitioner & Reader.

“Beyond the certifications I have taken many trainings, workshops, and courses with organizations such as the Chopra Center, Source Tantra, Dr. Pillai, Ecstatic Living, TM, and many many more,” she says.

Moon tells us that she experienced a divine intervention that steered her interest in spirituality towards sexuality. “I received a message from God telling me that I am a Goddess of Love, a Sex Goddess, and a Healer,” she says. “We are all spiritual and sexual beings that contain God’s essence. It’s how we got here…I mean, it’s how we physically got there, through sex.”

“I’ve always been aware of my strong sexual energy, but it wasn’t until I received that message that I went on a quest to learn more about it,” Moon adds.

Moon’s website hosts a variety of exclusive content produced by Moon herself for her subscribers to enjoy including photos, videos and writings. Membership starts at $19.99 per month.

“There’s also a shop inside with premium content for purchase,” she says. “I like to think of it as the Playboy for Sex, Spirituality and Wellness.”

Looking forward, Moon hopes that her site will provide “timeless, positive and enlightening entertainment for adults” and that one day it “can become the Playboy for Sex, Spirituality, and Wellness”.

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