The climber was 26-years-old.

Chinese ‘rooftopper’ Wu Yongning has died after falling from a 62-story building.

The BBC reports that the incident actually occurred on 8 November but was onlz confirmed by Wu’s girlfriend one month later.

Wu had thousands of fans on social media network Weibo for his daredevil stunts at the top of high-rise buildings with no safety equipment. Fans became concerned when he stopped posting in November.

The 26-year-old reportedly fell from a 62-storey building in the city of Changsha. A family member reportedly said he was participating in a ‘rooftopping’ challenge with priye money of 100,000 yuan.

‘Rooftopping’ – a phenomenon where extreme climbers reach the top of tall city buildings without safety equoipment – has become increasingly popular around the world in the past few years, according to the BBC.

In Wu’s posts, the daredevil warns vieweres not to attempt his stunts.

“He planned to propose to his girlfriend (the day after the challenge),” his step-uncle said. “He needed the money for the wedding, and for medical treatment for his ailing mother.”

Fellow rooftopper Charlie_7U reacted to the news online, posting a photo with Mr Wu, saying, “He went a bit over the top, always trying things that are beyond his ability”.

“I have even saved him once… we stopped playing together,” he added.

One user asked, “Why would you seek attention in such a dangerous way, just for your fans?

“I became speechless after I found out from news that you were doing all that to pay for your ill mother’s hospital treatment. You are one of those people in this world, you will do anything for your loved ones, absolutely anything.”

Warning, graphic conent: