Chinese national Jingyi Wang is "absolutely terrified".

A 19-year-old Chinese student faces deportation for performing plastic surgery in her Toronto basement.

National Post reports that Jingyi Wang marketed herself as Dr Kitty offered and performed cosmetic surgery procedures.

The 19-year-old student gave “face-slimming” injections to at least one person who consequently required corrective surgery after developing complications.

Dr. Mitchell Brown, a spokesperson for the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, said the procedure carried out by Wang uses Botox to shrink the clenching muscles in the jaw to make the face look smaller.

Wang is a Chinese national who was studying English at a private institution in Toronto for two years on a student visa. She came to Canada hoping to gain a “better command of the English language” with the hope of enrolling in a Canadian university. She currently has no family in Canada but her father flew to Toronto to support her with the charges.

Charged with aggravated assault, Wang faces the prospect of deportation or a prison sentence.

“It’s very serious,” Wang’s lawyer, Nicholas Charitsis said. “She’s terrified, absolutely terrified.”

“She comes across as very young, very timid,” Charitsis said of his client. “I’m surprised that the person sitting across the table from me is alleged to have committed these offences…. She looks like she could be 16 years old.”

Chataris added that Wang had completed a “pre-med” certificate program in China.