The Double 11 gala will be held on Singles Day in China.

Maria Sharapova, LeBron James, Ziyi Zhang are amongst the celebrities who will attend Alibaba’s Double 11 gala event later this month.

GB Times reports that Alibaba, founded by billionaire entrepreneur Jack Ma, will host its gala on 11 November – Singles’ Day in China. The day is part of an online shopping festival that dates back to 2009.

Chief planner of the event and general manager of Ali Fish, Alibaba’s innovation and entertainment branch, Ying Hong said the company hopes to make the gala a platform of culture exchange.

Over one hundred celebrities from China and the rest of the world will join attend the gala. Other celebrities include Jessie J, Grammy winner Pharrell Williams and retired FIFA World Player of the Year Luís Figo.

Jessie J is expected to sing ‘Price Tag’ – her first ever number one single. Pharrell will sing original song titled ‘Happy Double 11’ with domestic singer Kris Wu. He will also sing a classic Chinese song with Lang Lang.