"No entry by Chinese people"

Major Japanese cosmetics maker Pola has apologised for a sign preventing Chinese people from entering.

The cosmetics maker had posted a sign in one of its retail shops that read, “no entry by Chinese people”. A photo of the poster has been shared on Chinese social media.

Whilst the sign was written in Japanese, it could also be understood by Chinese readers, The Straits Times reports.

It is not clear where exactly the incident took place but it reportedly was not in a major tourist area.


“We are sincerely sorry and regret that an inappropriate poster … has caused unpleasant feelings and nuisance to many people,” Pola said in a statement issued Saturday in both Japanese and Chinese.

Pola has since identified the branch where the incident took place and has removed the sign.

“Our company takes this issue seriously,” the company added. “We will suspend operations at the shop and punish those responsible as soon as we confirm the facts of the matter.”

Some Japanese have complained about Chinese visitors, who are spending more on Japanese cosmetics, for being unruly and ill-mannered according to The Straits Times.