"Ching Chong", "Fuck Jackie Chan"

Three men in Queens have been arrested for targeting and vandalising the graves of Asian Americans with racist slurs.

NY Daily News reports that the three men spray-painted racist slurs including “Ching Chong” and “Fuck Jackie Chan”.

The men also toppled 40 headstones and broke 15 marble vaults at the Cypress Hills cemetery. Tombs and vaults in the cemetery’s memorial Abbey mausoleum were vandalised with racial slurs and “Fuck NYPD” too.

Nicknames and graffiti tags including Damo, Dedey and Blur were also sprayed by the men.

QNS reports that the men also spray painted offensive terms against African-Americans and Arabic people, as well as against Asian people.

Police have arrested Bruno Camacho, 22, Edward Evseev, 21, and Mark Barrancos, 21. They have charged them with criminal mischief, burglary and criminal trespass as a hate crime, as well as cemetery desecration, aggravated harassment and attempted burglary.