66% of men aged 20-29 want male-only train cars.

A survey has suggested that Japanese men in their 20s want the addition of male-only train cars.

Rocketnews 24 reports that whilst female-only train cars are not enforced on every line in Japan and aren’t single-sex throughout the entire day, they are still not uncommon.

A Biglobe survey has suggested that both men and women would also be in favour of a male-only train car system. The concept was found to be most popular amongst Japanese men in their 20s with 66% showing demand for the male-oriented single-sex carriage. Elder Japanese men were less enthused, with only 38% showing an interest.

58% of Japanese women in their 20s were also keen for the addition of a male-only train car. The idea sat the best with women aged 40-49.

Percent of men who favor the addition of male-only trains cars
● Age 20-29: 66 percent
● Age 30-39: 51 percent
● Age 40-49: 47 percent
● Age 50-59: 38 percent

Percent of women who favor the addition of male-only trains cars
● Age 20-29: 58 percent
● Age 30-39: 53 percent
● Age 40-49: 63 percent
● Age 50-59: 57 percent

However, the survey most likely will not result in the introduction of male-only cars. 44% of young men and the majority of elder men in Japan are still happy with mixed sex carriages, whilst opinions amongst Japanese females aren’t overwhelmingly one sided.

As female-only cars are currently optional in Japan, the addition of male-only cars would also have to be optional. The statistics suggest that not enough men would even make use of the single sex cars to make it worthwhile.