"When does preference turn into discrimination?"

In Grindr’s latest instalment to their What’s the Flip? online series, an Asian man and white man switch profiles for 24 hours.

Both let the other run their Grindr profiles, allowing them to send messages and experience the gay dating app as a different race.

Their reactions and messages are then revealed on screen.

“It’s a different demographic messaging me,” says the white guy using the Asian guy’s profile, whilst the Asian guy says, “I’ve got a good variety on here.”

Meanwhile, a presenter is also seen asking people on street, “when does preferences turn into discrimination?”

One interviewee responded, “anyone that treats you differently than you really should, that’s fucking discrimination.”

Another said, “if you’re attracted to a certain race specifically, that’s some sort of discrimination.”

However, some didn’t agree. One person simply said, “I don’t think it is [discrimination]. It’s my preference for the night.”

When the Asian man’s Grindr profile receives a message from a self-confessed “rice queen”, the white man asks out loud “what’s a rice queen?”. The presenter takes the question to the street, but many seem unfamiliar with the term.

“It’s guys who only like Asian guys,” explains the presenter.

“When a guy says he’s a rice queen, I immediately roll my eyes,” says the Asian man.

Another message received by the Asian guy’s profile reads, “most Asian dudes are good at bottoming”.

“Why the fuck are you ignoring me? That pisses me off chink,” the white man reads out with shock from the Asian man’s profile.

The white man also revealed that he felt he was “working to talk to people” whilst using the Asian man’s profile. He even had to ask “are you into Asians?”

Meanwhile, the Asian man said it felt “nice” using the white man’s profile and that he “couldn’t keep up with all the messages.