‘How could you allow a dog here? Throw it out"

A man in a Hong Kong supermarket was filmed throwing and kicking a dog.

SCMP reports that the shocking incident occurred at a ParknShop supermarket store in Po Tin Shopping Centre, Tuen Mun. Footage of the incident surfaced on Facebook on Sunday morning but has since been removed.

In the clip, the man is seen throwing the dog out of the supermarket and kicking it. He loses balance after the kick and the dog is seen scurrying away.

Staff had tried to prevent the dog which had strayed into the mall and ran into the supermarket, according to SCMP.

“But the crazy man (who just finished buying something there) was shouting loudly to the staff: ‘How could you allow a dog here? Throw it out,’” the Facebook post read, which described the man’s action as “extremely inhumane.”

Staff told the man that they could stop the dog from running further inside but needed to wait for its owner to come.

“The man went crazy and said ‘let me do it’. He put down his purchases and rushed in the store,” the post said.

A spokeswoman from the store said, “Our company has reminded the staff again to stay calm if animals trespass [into the store]. They should not hurt or touch the animals, and the manager on duty should take charge under the premise that the safety of the customers is taken into consideration.”

The uploader of the post added that they were unable to stop the man who fled the scene before the police were called. SCMP adds that the video in the post attracted angry responses.

Police from the Tuen Mun district investigation team are looking into the case and are appealing for anyone with information to call 3661 5859 or 3661 5810.