"I'm coming to your hospital and beating the shit out of you, take the knee gook"

Asian American doctor Eugene Gu has received death threats after posting a picture of him taking the knee to fight against white supremacy.

The general surgery resident physician at Vanderbilt University Hospital had posted the picture on 24 September with the caption, “I’m an Asian-American doctor and today I to fight white supremacy.” At the time of writing, the post has been retweeted over 44,000 times and has received 145,000 likes.

Many supported the doctor’s gesture. “White IT Guy here. I’m right there with you,” wrote one Twitter user. “Fyi: I’m a privileged American white female and I believe in  bc it’s not about the flag or the anthem. It’s about police violence,” wrote another.

Even a police officer shared Dr Gu’s message and showed support. “I am a white combat vet and currently a police officer I am taking the knee with you,” Brandon Neely wrote.

However, many were quick to oppose the doctor.  “If America is so racist, how did you get to be a doctor? I am so confused,” asked one Tweeter. “Wouldn’t white supremacy here keep you from being a doctor?” questioned another.

Some suggested the doctor was too privileged to take such a stance.”Why aren’t you in an Asian communist country fighting for the rights of oppressed Asian’s instead of drawing a salary from a “white” country,” one user wrote. “Guess your patient list will become obsolete. I suggest you practice medicine in North Korea if America is so bad,” said another.

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro even weighed in. “Dude I’d suggest your resume tends to cut against institutional white supremacy arguments,” he wrote.

Most shockingly, Dr Gu received a number of threatening messages. “I’m coming to your hospital and beating the shit out of you, take the knee gook,” messaged one Tweeter. “Get the hell out of this country,” said another.

One Tweeter even called Dr Gu a racist. “Wouldn’t want this hateful racist operating on me,” they wrote.