The RX-78-2 model had left Odaiba on 5 March 2017

Tokyo will once again be home to another giant Gundam statue.

In December 2016, we reported that the giant RX-78-2 Gundam statue that had been drawing in tourists and fans since 2012, was to be pulled down. Sadly, in March 2017, the 59-foot beast fired its final shot before meeting its demise.

Fans of the franchise were understandably distraught.

Now, we are happy to report that Gundam will once again be represented on a giant scale in the Japanese capital. reports that a giant Unicorn Gundam mecha will be completed in the Odaiba neighbourhood of Tokyo on 24 September.

Measuring in at 64.5ft, this behemoth of a machine even mammoths its predecessor. Whats more, this new Gundam will actually be able to transform.

Forbes reports that in the original anime, the Unicorn Gundam can switch between Unicorn Mode and Destroy mode, shifting its armour plating to reveal glowing psycho-frame parts. Its inner frame also changes colour from pink to green, which will also most likely feature on the new statue.