The movie star appeared on Korean TV's JTBC Entertainment

Steven Yeun has appeared on Korean TV to discuss the position of Asian American actors in Hollywood.

Yeun appeared on JTBC Entertainment where he attempted to answer some questions in Korean. When asked about Asian American actors, Yeun answered in English.

“It’s a very complex issue because we’re dealing with a lot of different factors,” said Yeun. “I think there is a true history of suppression of Asian American voices but what I do see is that we are in the midst of a transition.”

The Korean American actor said he was blessed with his entry into the industry. “I am someone that is very fortunate that when I entered LA to pursue acting that there were roles available to me that weren’t very stereotypical. They were able to grow.”

He particularly attributed his role on ABC’s The Walking Dead as Glen Rhee for his success in Hollywood. “I am honoured to be part of any movement forward, which I think Glen was able to accomplish to a degree. We still have less opportunities than other counterparts.”

Yuen went on to say that Hollywood is changing in the right direction.  “I will say that Hollywood is seeming to be changing in that direction but where we do meet that to is that we are in Korea. Korea has brilliant, brilliant actors. Asia has brilliant actors.”

The actor hopes that this will have a positive effect on the younger generation. “What’s good is that young Asian kids will look at them and think ‘I can do that too’. Their parents will also allow them to do it too.”