There are 36 kisses in the four-minute clip

J-pop boy band MeseMoa has been the talk of the town recently after releasing a new MV that features all 9 members kissing each other.

The MV in question is for their latest song ‘Shadow Kiss’, which is the lead single from their album Secret. Originally formed in 2012 under the name Morning Musumen, the 9 member boyband used to only cover songs by Japanese female idol group Morning Musume.

Now under a their new name MeseMoa, the band has celebrated their new moniker by releasing an MV that shows the band kissing each other. In total, there are 36 kisses in the four-minute clip, averaging out to one kiss every six seconds.

Set in a candlelit church, the MeseMoa boys are seen dancing, singing and kissing each other whilst dressed in archbishop style capes.

Rocketnews 24 writes, “Troughout the video, the boys can be seen in a number of poses usually reserved for anime and manga dedicated to boys’ love, a subgenre of male homosexual romance that’s loved by legions of female fans.”

With the endless stream of female J-pop bands such as AKB48 dominating the scene with their overt sexuality, it’s fantastic to see an all-male band break the boundaries and celebrate their sexuality.

However, some were less keen on the boys’ video. Oh No They Didn’t called the video “least sensual erotica you’ve seen since accidentally coming across a Larry’s photo manip tumblr,” and criticised the band for “queerbaiting”.