"[This show] is not about making money — I have a lot of money already."

Jackie Chan Adventures will be returning to the small screen in China.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, the revived show will be called J-Team: All New Jackie Chan Adventures. Unlike the original 2000’s cartoon, the new show will be a 3D cartoon series featuring a Chan as a child with a team of children protagonists. Chan and his team will defend a magical dreamland against monster invaders.

The Reporter adds that the 104-episode series will cost $6 million to produce and will air on 200 terrestrial channels across China and three children’s satellite TV channels.

Starring along Chan in the new cartoon will be child actress Kyana “Poppy” Downs from the Chinese reality series Dad, Where Are We Going?

All New Jackie Chan Adventures is targeted at children aged 3 to 10 and aims to entertain and whilst imparting positive values and restoring Chinese traditions. Real-life Chan will feature at the end of each episode to reinforce the lesson.

“It’s meant to help young children to do things they don’t always like to do — like, don’t look at your phone for too long, remember to brush your teeth, respect your elders, pick up the trash,” Chan said during a small press gathering held on the eve of the Beijing International Film Festival in the Chinese capital.

“If you just tell them that, sometimes children won’t listen, but through comedy and action, then they will start to follow.”

Discussing his production partners, Zhejiang Talent Television & Film, Khorgas JJ Culture Media Co., and VJ Animation Studio, Chan said, “They have so many plans. For me, I just want to make a cartoon for the children around the world.”

“Probably, when the theme park is finished, I’ll be 80. I just care about this year. I don’t have time to do other things. They squeeze Jackie Chan.”

“It used to be very difficult for China’s movie industry to go abroad,” Chan said. “Now, China has the capital and the ability to start purchasing foreign companies.

“[This show] is not about making money — I have a lot of money already,” Chan continued. “Today, what I’m really doing with this cartoon is, I can show to the world, it used to be Jackie’s adventures from America, but these days, everything is made in China.”