The Harry Potter actress stars as Dou Yi

The RSC’s Snow in Midsummer has released a teaser trailer to introduce audiences to its characters.

Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig’s play is a contemporary re-imagination of Guan Hanquing’s Chinese classic drama, directed by Justin Audibert.

Katie Leung stars as Dou Yi, a young widow who was executed for a murder she did not commit. Dou Yi returns to the town to seek justice.

Jacqueline Chan plays Mother Cai, who has lost her son and daughter in law.

Tianyun is a business woman who comes to the town to purchase the factories. In doing so, she must save the town from the locust plagues. The role is played by Wendy Kweh.

Andrew Koji plays Worker Fang who works for the factory and wants to escape from the land.

Handsome Zhang (Colin Ryan), who inherits the factory from his father, has fallen in love with Rocket Wu. Andrew Leung takes on the role as Rocket Wu whose life was saved by Handsome Zhang through a heart transplant.

Sarah Lam plays Madam Wong, Handsome Zhang‘s wetnurse. Doctor Lu is a high classed doctor who performed Rocket Wu’s heart transplant and is played by Daniel York.

Jonathan Raggett plays People’s Armed Police Officer 3 who is a young superstitious member who is seeking love.

Judge Wu, the town judge, is played by Richard Rees. Rees also plays Worker Huang, a factory worker who is sick of the drought in the town.

Lucy Sheen plays Worker Chen, the eldest grandchild; 20 generations of her family have lived in the town. She works in the factory and is duty bound to protect her ancestors.

Kevin Shen plays People’s Armed Police Officer 2, a police officer more concerned with picking on his fellow officers.

Snow in Midsummer opens on 23 February 2017 and will run until 25 March 2017. For more information and to buy tickets, click here.