China's National Tourism Administration is pushing the initiative

Gender-neutral bathrooms will be added to China’s scenic spots.

China Daily reports that China’s National Tourism Administration (CNTA) is urging the country’s 5A-class scenic spots to install gender-neutral bathrooms. It is hoped that parents with young children of different genders or children with elderly parents of different genders will not feel embarrassed when using the facilities.

New high-tech toilets and promotion of the toilet facilities will be introduced too, according to Li Jinzao, head of CNTA. Li was delivering a talk at a conference on transforming the nation’s public toilets held in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on 4 February, when she made the announcement.

Li added that China had made steady progress in the improvement of nationwide sanitation since the ‘toilet revolution’ began in 2015. “As China’s middle class grows and travels more widely, the country seems to have finally realised its bog standards leave much to be desired,” the Telegraph wrote in 2015.

China Daily states that 50,916 toilets were installed or upgraded thus far, which is 89.33% of the official target the government announced through to 2017.