Kong Xiaoxi and Hakim mark the first TV cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia

An animation series about a Chinese boy and Saudia Arabian boy who take on western competitors premiered on Wednesday.

According to China Daily, the animation series is titled Kong Xiaoxi and Hakim and is co-produced by China and Saudia Arabia. The series marks the first film and television cooperation between the two countries.

The 26-episode series features a Chinese boy called Kong Xiaoxi who befriends a Saudi Arabian boy, Hakim. Kong Xiaoxi helps Hakim’s family restaurant defeat local competitors by introducing traditional Chinese cooking methods.

Ori-Animation describes Saudia Arabian Hakim as a “warm and cheerful teenager”. As Abu Hakim Restaurant’s heir, Hakim must learn how to master Arabian food. The chef-to-be meets two teenagers from China: Kong Xiaodong and Kong Xiaxi who were born into Chinese-food families. Both are skilled at cooking Chinese food. To retain the Abu Hakim Restaurant, Hakim must compete with the Raman Restaurant across the street with the help of Kong Xiaodong and Kong Xiaoxi.

Taking three years to complete, the animation series aims to represent a comprehensive picture of Chinese cuisine, clothing, martial arts, as well as Saudi Arabian culture and food.

Kong Xiaoxi and Hakim will be broadcast in both China and Saudia Arabia as well as other Arabian countries.

A second series is also on the agenda, according to Chinese producers. The second series will reportedly focus on Hakim’s experience of learning traditional martial arts in China.