The Notting Hill theatre has been accused of yellowface casting in Howard Barker's play In The Depths of Dead Love

 A protest against The Print Room for casting white actors in Howard Barker’s play In The Depths Of Dead Love will be held outside the theatre today.

The five hour protest will last from 5pm to 11pm and has the support of 160 attendees according to Facebook.

Barker’s play, In The Depths Of Dead Love, which is set in ancient China features Jane Bertish, William Chubb, James Clyde and Stella Gonet playing characters called Mrs Hu, Lord Ghang, Chin and Lady Hasi.

Last December, Resonate writer Lucy Sheen slammed the production for “using the hideous, insulting, disrespectful and yes, racist practice of Yellowface”.

The Print Room responded to the criticism claiming the play was “very English” – “It is, in fact a very ‘English’ play and is derived from thoroughly English mores and simply references the mythic and the ancient. It has therefore been cast accordingly.”

“We are truly sorry for any offence caused by the announcement of our cast for Howard Barker’s remarkable play In the Depths of Dead Love.

“We can see how it has led to concerns and misapprehensions.

“No offence was intended and, as we explain below, none should be taken. We are in conversation with Equity about this matter.”