An Si Yoon can deadlift 30 kilograms

An Si Yoon is South Korea’s strongest 5-year-old girl.

Nicknamed ‘Little Jang Mi Ran’ (South Korean Olympic weightlifter), Si Yoon was discovered on SBS’s Einstein, a South Korean television program that showcases extraordinary children and their incredible talents.

The young girl revealed she was able to beat up boys in the 4th grade and even reduced a 4th grade boy to tears.

At 3-years-old, Si Yoon had weaker auditory nerves than other children, meaning that she had difficulty in pronouncing her words properly. As a result, she was bullied by other children and was given a hearing aid, which was rare among kids in South Korea.

In an effort to boost her confidence, her father supported anything Si Yoon showed talent in, including lifting heavy items.

Si Yoon built up her confidence and strength with results showing that she was 3-4 times stronger than other children her age. She is now able to deadlift 30kg – no other 5-year-old in South Korean is known to have accomplished this feat.

Seonghwan Middle School, a prestigious school in Cheonan known for its weightlifting program, was also shocked by her talent and unbelievable strength. Whilst they advised that Si Yoon was too young to be accepted into the school, they said she has great potential to become the next weightlifting star if she continues to train in the 4th and 5th grade.