The Lintong district site is in the same are of Xi'an as the real Terracotta Army

A tourist attraction in China that was allegedly tricking tourists into visiting a fake terracotta army has been raided by police.

Located in Lintong district, Xi’an, the site is located in the same area as the real Terracotta Army that guards Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s mausoleum.

During the raid, forty statues were destroyed following an online complaint.

A Weibo account belonging to Lintong council shared photos of the raid, showing the remnants of the statues after they were destroyed. Unlicensed guides and illegal taxis were allegedly used to attract unaware tourists to the site.

The site wasn’t an exact replica, housing only a few dozen warriors. The authentic Terracotta Army is over 2,000 years old and has thousands of statues including those of horses, soldiers and chariots. The ceramic army was created to protect the emperor in the afterlife.