Chinese New Year falls on 28 January 2017, bringing in the year of the rooster

A sculpture resembling a rooster as well as President-elect Donald Trump has been erected in Taiyuan, China, to welcome in the new year.

The giant sculpture sports a golden hairdo and hand gestures similar to that of the President-elect and can be found outside N1 ArtWalk Mall in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province.

Commissioned by the company that owns the shopping mall, the rooster sculpture will be its mascot.

Cao Mingling, the deputy director of planning department from the shopping mall said a series fo products and replicas will be available for sale in the future.

Shenghe Yangtai Business is already selling replica roosters. Company representative Wei Qing said, “I think the rooster is very cute and funny, the hairstyle and eyebrows look very much like Donald Trump. I’m sure it will attract a lot of customers.”

Prices range from $57 to $1739.

The Trump-rooster isn’t the first time the Chinese have paid tribute to the President-elect in bird form. In November, a Donald Trump pheasant was spotted in Hangzhou Safari Park, Zhejiang, drawing in crowds of tourists.