Yeoh will be the first Asian lead in a Star Trek show.

Michelle Yeoh has been chosen to star in CBS’s Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery.

Yeoh, best known for her roles in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Netflix series Marco Polo, has joined the Star Trek cast as what many predict to be the lead role.

The producer of Star Trek: Discovery, Nicholas Meyer, let slip that Yeoh will feature in the upcoming series whilst he was promoting the new Blu-ray for his classic film Time After Time.

Meyer also directed Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan  and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

The series’ lead character has been described as a female Lieutenant Commander who goes by the title ‘Number One’. Yeoh is predicted to take on this role. Star Trek: Discovery marks the first time the main character isn’t the ship’s captain.

Yeoh’s appearance on Star Trek: Discovery would make her the first female Captain on any Star Trek series since Voyager ended in 2001.

Yeoh will also be the first Asian lead in a Star Trek show.

Whilst the show was set to debut in January 2017, the series has since been delayed until summer next year.