You'll also be the recipient of a 2.08-carat Jane Seymour blue diamond rings

Found in Singapore’s Ce La Vi restaurant, the world’s most expensive meal comes with chopsticks worth $17,000.

Ce La Vi and Russian diamond company World of Diamonds Group have teamed up to ensure that those splashing out $2 million for a meal will feel like royalty.

Their “world’s most expensive dining experience” will come with two pairs of $17,000 diamond-studded chopsticks and a 2.08-carat Jane Seymour blue diamond rings. The chopsticks are handled with gloves to prevent finger prints and scratches, whilst the ring, which was named after the Live and Let Die actress, has been highly sought after by prospective buyers. Blue diamonds have fetched over $2 million at auctions.

The 18-course meal includes Almas Caviar, Belon oysters and Mishima sirloin, which are all paired with a range of bank-breaking wines and champagnes.


The Ce La Vi restaurant sits on the rooftop of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands, offering panoramic views of Singapore’s skyline.

The $2 million experience for two will last an estimated eight hours, including a 45-minute helicopter ride over Singapore, a luxury cruise and a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce ride to the restaurant, where the diners will be presented with 10,000 roses, the 18-course meal and the aforementioned $17,000 chopsticks and Jane Seymour ring.

However, money alone won’t necessarily buy you this experience. The $2 million luxurious dinner will be a one-off experience. Candidates for this once-in-a-lifetime dinner will be screened and chosen by Ce La Vi and the World of Diamonds group. Whilst neither company has stated how and when the lucky couple will be selected, Karan Tilani, the head of Asia for World of Diamonds Group, has confirmed that the winning couple will be able to decide on the date of the dinner and that the restaurant will be closed to the rest of the public on the night, to ensure complete privacy for the couple.