The Duke of York was joined by the Chinese embassy ambassador Liu Xiaoming

The newest gate in London Chinatown was officially unveiled by the Duke of York, Prince Andrew and the Chinese embassy ambassador, Liu Xiaoming.

Construction of the new gate, which is located on Wardour Street in London Chinatown, was finished in February 2016. It is the third Chinese gate to be built in the area; the first two gates were completed in 1986. The new gate was traditionally designed and worked on in China, with the help of professional architects and artisans.

The London Chinatown Chinese Association was the integral driving force behind the construction of the gate. Their aim of the new gate was to reflect the growth and impact of the London Chinatown area, which has become a home to the large Chinese and East Asian communities since the 1950’s.


In China, these archways are usually reserved for royal places and are thus created with meticulous care and detail. The wood from the gate was sourced from a mountainous area in Beijing. The Chinese text at the top of the gate translates to “Peace and Prosperity to Chinatown”.

Both the Duke of York and the Chinese embassy ambassador gave a few words before they cut the ribbon to symbolise the opening of the new gate. Prince Andrew said that the gate signified, “the importance of the relationship between the United Kingdom and China”, whilst Liu Xiaoming wished every one who walked under the archway “good health and success”.


After cutting the ribbon, the Prince unveiled a golden plaque that read, “London Chinatown Chinese ASsociation New Chinese Gate, opened by HRH The Duke of York, KG, 25th July 2016,” commemorating the momentous occasion.


It’s fantastic to see the British monarchy supporting the Chinese community in the UK, showcasing and celebrating the cultural diversity of the country. It goes to show that the East Asian communities are recognised by the establishment and are warmly welcomed by the country.

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