The game is available in New Zealand, with more countries to follow

The highly anticipated augmented Nintendo game Pokémon Go has finally launched on Android and iOS platforms.

The game was released in beta in May and is now available on Play store and App Store, that is, if you are in New Zealand. If you’re not based in New Zealand, fear not, as releasing the app in NZ is common practice for apps before they are launched worldwide. Whilst the US and UK markets will have to wait a bit, the wait probably will not be long.

The newest addition to the extensive range of Pokémon games allows users to play with their favourite Pokémon characters in Pokémon battles in augmented reality, which means that you’ll be able to battle across real life locations and landmarks. The game is free to download, but users will have to make in-app purchases to unlock certain characters. Additionally a $35 wearable device to accompany the mobile game will go on sale later this month.

Pokémon Go is co-developed by The Pokémon Company and Alphabet-owned Niantic Labs. The latest Pokémon game will be similar to Niantic Labs’ highly successful game Ingress, which immerses players in battles through augmented reality. In Pokémon Go, players will have to use the real world to find new Pokémon, battle other players and capture gyms. The game also allows players to join one of three allegiances in which they will have to work with team members to hold gyms against assaults from enemy teams.

Whilst the game is currently only available in New Zealand, you can still try to download Pokémon Go from the Play Store. The listing is live, but you will only be able to download the game once it has been made available in your country.