Perhaps it isn't the happiest place on earth after all

A video showing an American Chinese tourist complaining about Disneyland Shanghai has garnered over 250,000 views over 48 hours.

The video was filmed by Disney Dwayne, who is an American Chinese.

In the video, which was filmed at the resort, the tourist mainly complains about how he is being constantly pushed around by fellow visitors at the park.

“One thing you’ve got to get used to is being pushed and shoved around in Shanghai.”

He claims that even before he entered the park, he was barged out of the way whilst queuing to enter.

“There was a family of 17 who had issues at the gateway. I was next in line but they came past me and started pushing past me. Some other people pretended to be part of their family so they cut the queue.”

Dwayne also filmed himself in line for one of the attractions, complaining about the lack of personal space. His friend agrees with him on film.

“The concept of personal space does not exist.”

Dwayne also has a mini rant about Chinese visitors using umbrellas despite the lack of rain and heat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 14.55.07

The video also includes footage of Chinese visitors sitting scattered around the storybook castle and one small boy urinating in public.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 14.55.22

The video has drawn a lot of interest from the East Asian community due to Dwayne’s critical commentary on queueing culture in China. As an American Chinese himself, it is interesting to see Dwayne undergoing this culture clash and his frustrations surrounding these differences are clear. However, mainland Chinese people themselves may take offence to Dwayne’s negativity towards their culture. After all, his rant is highly critical not only of Disneyland Shanghai itself, but also the behaviour of Chinese locals themselves, of which, Dwayne clearly does not approve.

Some may argue that Dwayne was out of place for visiting a country and so brazenly criticising its people. Recently, an Australian expat heavily criticised Singapore for not having Pokemon Go – a move which resulted in the termination of his contract at work within one day. What do you think about Dwayne’s criticisms? Are they valid or should he be more considerate of other countries’ customs?