The Filipino Consulate has issued a warning to the community to exercise vigilance

Two Filipino theatre actors have been assaulted in New York.

The two actors were attacked on separate occasions on 29 August and 30 August.

In one incident, an elderly Filipina actress was shoved down the stairs of a a subway station in Rego Park, Queens. She was later taken to hospital for treatment.

A Filipino nurse who came to the victim’s aid as she fell down the stairs reported the incident to the Filipino Consulate.

Consul General Elmer Cato said of the incident, “our Good Samaritan stayed with her until police arrived and later provided us with details of what happened. He told us he could not control his tears on his way to work. ‘It could have been my mom,'”

The other actor was spat on and was racially assaulted whilst on a train to Manhattan.

Cato has called for all members of the Filipino community in New York to remain vigilant when taking public transport.

“While we understand authorities are doing their best to ensure the safety of the public, we also know they cannot prevent a similar incident from happening again. No one knows when and where the next incident will be taking place,” he said.

In other news, an FBI report has revealed that hate crimes in the US have surged to their highest level in 12 years.