The demographic reported the highest percentage among Asian Americans

A recent survey has shown that 85% of Filipino Americans suffered COVID-19 mental health issues.

The Filipinx Count Survey, conducted by the UC Davis Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies, examined 1000 respondents during the first half of 2020.

Over half of the respondents reported anxiety, depression and worrying, among a number of symptom. Of these respondents, 85% cited the pandemic as the cause of their issues;.

Asian Americans as a whole saw 46% of respondents reporting anxiety during the pandemic with 15% of whom suffering from depressive symptoms.

Researchers found a stronger link between these symptoms and experiences with racism than other Coronavirus-related issues.

Michelle Madore, a mental health provider in the San Francisco Bay, said that Filipino American therapists should encourage their clients to help the community too.

“I think a lot of providers in our community are very quick to ignore our needs to help someone else,” she said.

Christine Catipon, a licensed clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, added, “our culture is very resilient. We’ve been through colonization, we’ve been through lots of corrupt governments, and we’re still a happy smiling people. Or at least we try to be.”

In other news, President Biden‘s first son Hunter has come under fire for referring to Asians as “yellow” in a conversation with his cousin.