"Did you actually want to publicise that you are racists?"

A coffee shop in London has drawn criticism for displaying a racist sign.

FUCKOFFEE located in Bethnal Green posted an image of the sign displayed outside their cafe on Instagram.

“This is the longest that something made in China has ever lasted,” the chalkboard message read, referencing Coronavirus.

The cafe captioned their post “Our A-board today. #blackboard #chalkboard #fuckoffee #bethnalgreen #beanflickers #madeinchina🇨🇳 🤣”

Instagram users expressed their outrage in the comments section.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Wrote one commenter. “How on earth did your manager approve this and why the fuck have you posted it to Instagram? Do you actually want to publicise that you are racists?”

“I cannot believe you still have this post up! This is distasteful. Please take this down,” requested another commenter.

“This really needs to be deleted! Reported racist hate crimes against East and South East Asian people has increased by over 300% in the UK in the past year. This message contributes to this!” One IG user agreed.

“Disgraceful. What is good though is all of the people commenting and sharing their disgust. This coffee shop is finished 👎🏼” Said another.

“This is disgusting and downright disappointing. Racist comments to sell coffee?” Another commenter said.

FUCKOFFEE has not yet responded to the criticism.

In other UK news, Gemma Chan demanded an apology from The Times for an article about Prince Philip containing racist language.