"The harder the homecoming, the sweeter the flavour of home"

Coca-Cola’s 2021 Chinese advert for Chinese New Year features real-life stories.

Titled CNY Confessions, the advert features real-life families facing the difficulties of coming together during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mccann Worldgroup Shanghai presents the campaign, in which centres on three independent stories of three young citizens in China.

Meiling, a young teenage girl, is seen living in a filled household. Surrounded by endless relatives, Meiling craves for pirvacy.

Meanwhile, Xiaoming Wang is a young boy who is constantly being asked to run errands fo the family. The young boy would much rather play video games.

The final story features a young boy who makes the difficult journey to visit his grandmother who lives in a distant village.

Later in the advert, each young person begins to realise the importance of Chinese New Year, highlighted by the lockdown and pandemic restrictions.

Cia Hatzi, McCann Worldgroup chief client officer for Coca-Cola said, “this New Year, the Chinese youth’s yearning to reunite with family wasn’t about the big celebrations, but the little simple joys found in the normalcy that bring us together.”

Bassam Qureshi, head of IMX, Coca-Cola said, “Many Chinese youth once saw Chinese New Year as an obligation, a routine. In 2020, Covid-19 changed all of this, taking away something that many youths once took for granted.”

“The harder the homecoming, the sweeter the flavour of home. Little taste, strong flavour of CNY” the advert concludes.

In other news, the creator of Indomie’s iconic instant noodle flavour ‘mi goreng’ has passed away at the age of 59.