"After 5 hours I’ve been rescued from my hiding place"

Rep Grace Meng has shared images from when she was barricaded inside the US Capitol amid protests.

On Wednesday, pro-Trump supporters breached the US Capitol in an attempt to prevent lawmakers finalizing the Presidential handover to Joe Biden.

Trump had encouraged supporters to fight against the election results, which he claims were fraudulent.

“It’s up to Congress to confront the egregious assault on our democracy and after this we’re gonna walk down and I’ll be there with you,” Trump said prior to the riots on Wednesday.

“We’re gonna walk down to the Capitol.”

Although Trump later called for peace, he only told protesters to go home hours after the Capitol was breached.

Meng, who was inside the Capitol at the time, hid in a room and barricaded the door with office chairs.

“After 5 hours I’ve been rescued from my hiding place,” Meng wrote on Twitter, with images of her make-shift barricade.

“Now i can show you my DIY barricade and gas masks,” wrote Queens Rep. Grace Meng. “Protestors were right outside the door chanting ‘USA USA’ it was scary but i am ok! Thanks all for your prayers.”

Throughout the night, Meng tweeted how she was “terrified for [her] life.”

“There were more officers here for #BLM protests. Protestors today broke into People’s House, tore down barriers, damaged property & fired shots. I’ve never been scared for my life during BLM protests, i was terrified for my life today,” she tweeted.

Meng also condemned Trump’s response to the protests, in which he told protestors to remain peaceful.

“Peaceful? How dare he? He told them to come to the Capitol. He invited violence and put our colleagues, staff, Capitol police in harm’s way. There is no greater interrupter of peace and democracy than him,” she tweeted.

In related news, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has resigned from her role following Trump’s response to the riots at the Capitol Building.