"This is really an eye-opener on how dangerous and real China's influence is in America"

Images of Joe Biden‘s Secret Service muscle have sent the internet spiralling into wild conspiracy theories.

David Cho was spotted alongside the newly appointed US President on inauguration day.

Cho is a Korean American US Secret Service agent who is the head of Biden’s protective detail.

As the first ever Asian American head of the president’s Secret Service detail, Cho’s presence caused the internet to believe he was sent by the Chinese Communist Party.

“Biden his wife and a China man arrive in Washington DC! Biden the communist puppet,” Facebook page Patriots United wrote. “This is really an eye-opener on how dangerous and real China’s influence is in America . His Chinese handler is never more than 3 feet away.”

Cho was also nicknamed ‘Chinese Handler’ on Telegram.

“Biden’s Chinese handler is sitting two seats directly behind him and Jill. During the national anthem, everyone turned around to face the flag, except for his handler. He stared at Biden the entire time,” a post read as per the outlet.

“Who is the Chinese guy behind Biden at the inauguration? His handler! Lookout America the worst is yet to come. Sad Day for our great country!!!” one Twitter user wrote.

“Who is the guy with the flat top haircut behind President Biden? Did you notice First Lady Biden move seats to make sure this guy’s view was obstructed? Is he a Chinese operative of the state?” questioned a user.

“Biden’s Chinese handler was sitting behind him this am. Guess that’s all we need to know,” wrote another.

However, some showed their support for the Korean American agent.

“The very presence of Madam VP @KamalaHarris & David Cho, Korean American, and head of Joe Biden’s Secret Service detail, gives me great joy. We are here, Asian America,” one person tweeted.

“While I love Pomp and Circumstance, the fierce expression of concern on David Cho’s face steals the show. He is the likely head of Biden’s Secret Service detail. Asian Secret Service Guy,” read another tweet.

In other news, a school in Connecticut was graffitied with anti-Democrat sentiment including ‘Beijing Biden’ and ‘Commie Kamala’.