Only 60% of American adults said they would get vaccinated

Business Insider reports that 83% of English-speaking Asian Americans are willing to get a Coronavirus vaccine.

Conducted by Pew Research Center, the survey found that 60% of American adults said they would definitely or probably get vaccinated if a “vaccine to prevent COVID-19 were available today.”

39% of respondents said they would definitely or probably not get a Covid-19 vaccine.

18% of respondents said “it’s possible they would decide to get vaccinated once people start getting a vaccine and more information becomes available.”

The other 21% of respondents who said they don’t intend to be vaccinated “are ‘pretty certain’ more information will not change their mind.”

Different demographics showed varying willingness to take the vaccine.

42% of Black Americans said they intended to take it whilst 61% and 63% of white and Hispanic respondents said they would.

English-speaking Asian Americans showed the biggest interest in taking the vaccine, with 83% of respondents showing willingness.

71% of Black Americans said they knew someone who had died after contracting Coronavirus. Only 48% of Asian Americans said the same.

In other news, a Singaporean mother who contracted Coronavirus has given birth to a baby with virus antibodies.