“Why do Chinese girls taste so different from the others?”

The Joy Luck Club actress Tsai Chin has discussed starring as a Bond girl with the late Sean Connery.

In an interview with the Guardian, the British Chinese actress reflected on her roles in film and television as the industry evolved to be more inclusive.

Chin, who played Auntie Lindo in The Joy Luck Club, played one of two Asian Bond girls in 1967’s You Only Live Twice.

For Chin, her role in the film is a bigger deal for others than herself.

“People nowadays are SO impressed that I was a Bond Girl,” she said.

“So I might as well go along with it. People also ask me what was it like being in bed with Sean Connery. I said, ‘Fine.’”

Chin spent three days in bed filming with Connery, who died over the weekend aged 90.

In the film, Bond says to Ling after an intimate encounter,  “Why do Chinese girls taste so different from the others?”

Ling replies, “You think we better, huh?”

“No, just different. Like peking duck is different from Russian caviar. But I love them both,” Bond replies.

“Darling, I give you very best duck,” Ling says.

Looking back at the scene, Chin remains unimpressed with the exchange.

“It wouldn’t pass muster now, thank God,” chin said. “Then, Asian women were especially stereotyped.”