"I know you know martial arts. So do I!"

A female customer was caught on camera kicking an Asian shop employee in an Ontario pharmacy.

The incident was sparked when the customer was told to wear a face covering in the store. Instead of complying, the woman launched into a vicious attack against the employee.

In the clip, the woman is heard making stereotypical kung fu noises before high-kicking the employee, edging closer towards her.

“I know you know martial arts. So do I!” The customer says.

“What does that even matter?” The employee responds. “You need to leave now!”

“I am!” The customer replies. “I just used you to demonstrate to the f***ing officers, I know martial arts!”

She then hurls racist slurs towards the Asian employee whilst repeatedly swearing at her.

Eventually, the customer heads towards the exit but continues to threaten the shop employee.

In other news,¬†Montreal’s Chinatown has experienced a second wave of vandalism.