“She had a lifetime ahead of her which was needlessly cut short"

Emmalyn Nguyen has died just 14 months after undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

Last year, the Asian American suffered two cardiac arrests and was left with brain damage after the cosmetic procedure.

Medical professionals overseeing the then 18-year-old’s procedure only called 911 after five hours.

Nguyen’s $6,000 breast augmentation was performed on 1 August at Kim’s Greenwood Village office, Colorado Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Denver by Geoffrey Kim.

It has since been confirmed that Nguyen died on 4 October. Two days prior to her death, she developed severe pneumonia, which resulted in her going into cardiac arrest.

“Emmalyn’s parents and siblings are heartbroken,” said attorney David Woodruff. “This turn of events was sadly unexpected.”

“The world has lost a wonderful, sweet, vibrant young lady,” he added. “She had a lifetime ahead of her which was needlessly cut short.”

Dr Kim admitted to “unprofessional conduct” and was placed on probation for three years but is allowed to still practice medicine with certain restrictions.

Rex Meeker, the nurse anesthesist, agreed in January to discontinue administering anesthesia. However, Meeker is allowed to continue practicing nursing.

Nguyen’s family had filed a lawsuit against Kim and Meeker, which will now continue as a wrongful death lawsuit.

“Emmalyn’s parents believe it is imperative to tell Emmalyn’s story, both to bring her justice and also to help prevent this from ever happening to another patient,” said Woodruff.