"Casting: "No $ here but you'll make $ on the convention circuit!""

Daredevil actor Peter Shinkoda has revealed that Marvel paid him less than extras.

In a now deleted tweet, Shinkoda reportedly wrote, “When I was offered @daredevil at $3500/ep as a local hire – I did math. So I take $1600 and change after commission and taxes…per ep. some eps I worked 8 days on = $200/day. Less than extras! Casting: “No $ here but you’ll make $ on the convention circuit!” Me: “WTF?””

The Asian Canadian actor who played villain Nobu Yoshioka was forced to take a pay cut with the studio threatening him of being recast.

Shinkoda also tweeted that the studio did not pay for his travel or accommodation.

I paid $5500 for fast track work permit. Paid my room & board. Payed for my travel there. Crippled and walking to subway on Sunday morning after wrap trying to find an open subway as Escalades drive by w Elektra, Matt, Punisher, & Stick. Just fought them all on a rooftop!” He tweeted. 

When playing Dai in Falling Skies, Shinkoda claimed he made 10x more money than in Daredevil.

“Agents tried hard. They were told, “We’re overpaying with this rate! Scale for new media is much less”. I made 10 times more on Falling Skies…per ep. That aired on Sunday nights in summertime in…some countries. Resids were decent.” He wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this year, Shinkoda has revealed that then-Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb made anti-Asian remarks during production. “Nobody cares about Chinese people and Asian people,” Shinkoda quoted Loeb as saying.