Season 4's writers are predominantly female, but all white

Variety reports that Killing Eve is being criticised for its lack of diversity in the writers’ room.

In a now-deleted Twitter post, series writer Kayleigh Llewellyn shared a celebratory screenshot of a Zoom call between the season 4 writers.

“15 weeks later, it’s the final day of the Killing Eve writers room,” wrote Llewellyn.

Nine people were seen in the chat. The majority were women and all were white.

Killing Eve, which stars Sandra Oh currently has 16 writers – none of whom are writers of color.

Director-producer Matthew A. Cherry, retweeted Llewellyn’s tweet writing, “Y’all really be proudly sharing these non diverse writers room screenshots freely on the TL like it’s something to celebrate.”

UK writer Rachel De-lahay described the writers as “the next cool generation + they don’t seem to give one f—.”

Others commended the show for having Korean American Oh as the lead but were still mystified about its lack of diversity behind the scenes.

“the audacity to have an ASIAN lead… an ICONIC asian actress whose rise to fame was from her performance on an insanely popular show written by a BLACK woman… for a show whose writers room is all white? @killingeve you see… how this is weird, right? how that’s off, right” Tweeted one person.

Last year, Oh won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama for her depiction of Eve Polastri in the show.