Over 60% changed their routines to avoid racism

CTV reports that 43% of Chinese Canadians faced racist Coronavirus threats.

A survey published Angus Reid Institute in partnership with the University of Alberta revealed the stat among other shocking information.

More than 500 Canadian adults who identified as ethnically Chinese were surveyed between 15 and 18 June.

Almost 30% of those asked were frequently exposed to racism via social media or graffiti, whilst half were called names during the pandemic.

29% said others made them feel like a health threat because of their ethnicity. Over 60% said they adapted their daily routines to avoid racism.

Over half also feared their children would be bullied when they return to school.

Most recently, Vancouver Chinatown was hit with racist Coronavirus graffiti.

Last month, an indigenous Vancouver woman was punched after she sneezed in a racist Coronavirus incident.

In April, a Vancouver man attacked a 92-year-old Asian man and shouted racist slurs about the Coronavirus.