Over 10 local Chinese American organisations are donating

Canby Now reports that Oregon Chinese American groups coming together in Clackamas County to donate 12,000 face masks to Coronavirus frontline workers.

Over 10 local Chinese-American organisations are involved in donating including the Chinese Friendship Association of Portland, the Intel Chinese Employees Network and the United Chinese Association of Oregon.

Donations include N95 masks, disposable face masks, surgical masks and face shields

Hundreds of individuals are also lending their time and donations to help health centres and first responders in the county.

County health centres, which will receive 10,000 masks, provide low-cost, quality medical, dental and behavioural health services to the community.

1000 masks will be given to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and another 1000 will go to Clackamas Fire District No. 1.

In related news police in Wisconsin arrested a 57-year-old man spewing Coronavirus racism at group of Asian people.