"No need to worry about food safety, KFC is the best!"

KFC Vietnam has released an advert informing customers of how their delivery service will work during the Coronavirus pandemic.

From the perspective of the delivery driver, the advert begins with his temperature being checked with a thermometer.

“As a KFC staff, I really love my job,” he says. “This Covid time, I handle the delivery with all of my heart.”

Dressed in a KFC uniform and a surgical mask, the driver is seen spraying his delivery bag before placing the food inside.

“Firstly, I carefully disinfect all the delivery tools,” he says. “Be ready with the mask, shipping food happily.”

When he arrives outside the customer’s home, he calls her. He then unfolds a small stall and disinfects it before placing the food on it.

“[I] disinfect the stool perfectly, put all the food on, wait for my customer,” he says.

He then steps back 2 meters and waits for the customer to approach.

“I step back exactly 2 meters away meeting safety standard!” He says. “KFC food is still amazingly good, delicious taste, and so delicate.”

“No need to worry about food safety, KFC is the best!”

Customers are instructed to place the money in a provided bag on the stool/

“Lightly put money in the paper bag and put them on the stool, thank you so much!” The driver says.

“Waving goodbye, I’m really happy,” he says before disinfecting the stool.

“Just stay home, KFC will come,” the advert concludes. “Don’t have to worry about food safety.”

“Keep Covid staying away. Satisfy your food passion with KFC.”

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