"Another reason to distrust China"

Kotaku reports that former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer is blaming China because he bought the wrong PS4 controller.

In a tweet, the Republican stated that he purchased a PS4 for his children but when he bought another controller from Amazon, it failed to work.

“Another reason to distrust China: we bought my kids a PS4 and then got a 2nd controller from Amazon,” Fleischer tweeted. “Controller was made in China of course – and it doesn’t work. It never worked. It’s junk.”

However, from the images uploaded by Fleischer suggest that the controller was made by a third party.

Instead of the official Playstation logo in the centre button, Fleischer’s controller has “P4” written on it.

Additionally, Playstation’s signature cross, square, triangle and circle shapes are only partially featured on Fleischer’s controller.

Abacus believes the controller is most likely a knock-off and states that Fleischer previously called China a “terrible place.”

Authentic PS4 controllers as well as the PS4 console itself are also made in China.

Fleischer was the twenty-first White House Press Secretary. He served under President George W. Bush between January 2001 and July 2003.