Brings a whole new meaning to 'Poke bowl'

Sora News 24 reports that Japanese restaurant chain Yoshinoya is celebrating its 120th anniversary by partnering with Pokémon.

From 19 December, customers in Japan will be able to experience a delicious Pokémon-themed meal. Coming three varieties Pokémori offers a gyudon, kid’s gyudon and curry rice for under 500yen each.

Every Pokémon themed meal comes with a juice box and a Pokémon figure too. As “gyudon” means “beef bowl” in Japanese, six Pokémon with “don” in their Japanese name will be featured as figures: Charizard (Lizardon), Groudon, Slowpoke (Yadon), Weepinbell (Utsudon), and the West/East versions of Gastrodon (Tritodon).

As well as looking like a Pokéball, each bowl also features one of the “don” Pokémon at the bottom of their bowls, encouraging kids (and adults) to finish their meal.

Ebisu Station’s Yoshinoya outlet will start the theme five days early, on 14 December, so eager fans can start catching their “don” figures sooner.

Pokémori will only last until supplies run out but Yoshinoya has reportedly hinted that a second series of monsters is being considered too.

In other Japanese-cuisine related news, a recent study has linked ramen to heart attacks and strokes.